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Our original Fayetteville learning center was TLC’s first location in NWA. We are proud to be a partner of Fayetteville Public Libraries.

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I cannot recommend TLC enough. I reached out to JJ 6 weeks out from taking the LSAT for the first time ever. I knew basically nothing about the test when I walked into my first tutoring session. I walked out of my last session with JJ 6 weeks later feeling beyond prepared to take the test. I scored a 150 on the LSAT which is insane considering I only studied for roughly a month & a half. If you are looking for a tutor this is the place!!!

Bailee, Google review

They are very flexible and will work with you to make sure you get all the sessions needed!

Ashanti, Google review

JJ and his team are outstanding, professional, and very helpful!

Adnan, Google review

I went from a 17 on my asvab to 32 on asvab. Was great communication, great learning one on one with my tutor. My teacher made sure understood everything I was learning.

Kyler, Google review

TLC tutoring is great! I teach at the local community college and also worked at TLC as a tutor for several months. Several students, with myself and with other tutors, were able to dramatically improve their scores in school and on standardized tests! The payoff in scholarships is definitely worth it!

Daniel, Google review

This has been the best decision to send our daughter to TLC Tutoring. She gets the one in one she needs. They are extremely knowledgeable on all subjects, and do an excellent job in conveying the information to their students.

Greg, Google review

Mrs. Rogers was the best. My daughter absolutely loved her and improved dramatically in her reading skills. I would highly recommend TLC Tutoring Co. You get what you pay for with them and so much more.

Vince, Google review

As a student I really appreciate the 1 one 1 learning. Every time I learn something new and I can walk into the ACT with confidence.

Anna, Google review

TLC tutoring are friendly and professional. I particularly appreciated John Thompson’s availability, courtesy and friendliness. I am glad that they are managing to continue during these challenging times.

Caleb, Google review

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